Who are we?

We're entrepreneurs who've endured the pain and frustration of navigating through the steps required

to start up a business in New Zealand.

So we set up bizebu to help streamline the process for you.

Using our experience, trials and understanding of what it really takes to launch a successful Kiwi enterprise,

including all the tips and techniques that make business start-up easier.

“Dont put it off and then wonder what may have been.... Leverage our experience to get your business started on it's journey to launch today!”

Boris Lamont

“The opportunities to start a business for yourself, work from wherever you are and at flexible times have never been so accessible and available.”

Jane Melville-Allen

“There are businesses that will start up over the next 12 months that will go on to provide their founders with great satisfaction as to what they are able to achieve - not just financially but in creating and building concepts and ideas that did not exist before.”

Murray Allen